Essential Apps for Navigating Singapore’s Public Transport System

Singapore boasts an exceptional public transport system, seamlessly interconnecting various modes of transit, from MRT lines to LRT and buses. Luckily, most of these transit options have gone digital, offering apps that facilitate tracking, planning, and making your journey more efficient. Here are some indispensable apps to enhance your experience:

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This app stands out as a comprehensive resource for all your transport needs. Beyond offering precise information on MRT, LRT, and bus services, it provides additional features such as real-time traffic updates and access to traffic cameras. This all-in-one platform ensures you’re well-informed about your commute. Explore more at MyTransport.SG.

For seamless point-to-point navigation, look no further than This app is a personal favorite, offering you various travel options, including bus, train, taxi, or driving. It simplifies the process of planning your journey and ensures you find the most convenient routes. Plan your route with ease at

SG Buses

SG Buses is your trusted bus companion, providing a wealth of information on bus routes, locating nearby bus stops, checking bus timings, and more. With this app, you can navigate the city’s extensive bus network with ease.

TL SimplyGo

TL SimplyGo, a service by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and TransitLink, has revolutionized payment options for commuters. It allows passengers to use a variety of payment schemes, including contactless bank cards or MasterCard/Visa cards, for their daily train and bus travels. This hassle-free payment solution streamlines your commute.

Google Maps

Google Maps, a globally recognized navigation tool, offers not only directions but also invaluable features like real-time bus timings and bus location updates. It’s your all-in-one solution for navigating Singapore’s public transport network. Say goodbye to confusion and missed buses with the help of Google Maps.

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