Unlock Savings During India’s Big Billion Day Sales

India’s festive season is in full swing, and that means one thing for savvy shoppers – big discounts and amazing deals during e-commerce mega sales. With major platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra rolling out their much-anticipated sales, it’s the perfect time to snag those items you’ve been eyeing. In collaboration with Unex Logistics, we’ve streamlined the process of taking advantage of these sales. Here’s how it works:

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Shop Anywhere, Ship Everywhere

Unex Logistics provides a unique solution that simplifies your shopping experience. You can now shop on any e-commerce platform in India, whether it’s Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra, and have your purchases delivered to our address. That’s where the magic begins.

Consolidation for Savings

Once your orders arrive at our address, we swing into action. Our team will carefully gather all your shipments and consolidate them into a single, convenient package. This not only makes managing your deliveries a breeze but also ensures that you enjoy significant savings on shipping costs.

Pay by Weight

At Unex Logistics, we understand that every penny counts. That’s why we charge you based on the weight of your package. Here’s our pricing structure:

For packages weighing between 1 and 6 kilograms: You pay just Rs 700 per kilogram.
If your packages tip the scales at 6 kilograms or more: The cost drops to a mere Rs 550 per kilogram.

Endless Possibilities

Our services are versatile, catering not only to the big spenders but also to those looking for individual items. Starting at just Rs 100 per item, you can send anything from delectable food items and sweets to everyday snacks. The only requirement is a minimum weight of 1 kilogram.

Our Virtual Office Address

Ready to start saving big during India’s Big Billion Day sales? Here’s where your packages should be sent:

R. Sreenivasan
Unex Logistics
No-33, 1st Main Road,
Sampangi Rama Nagar
Opp Kanteerava Stadium
Near IBIS Hotel City Centre
Mobile: +91 8553360073

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. With Unex Logistics, you can maximize your savings and make the most of India’s incredible festive season sales. Happy shopping!



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